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Kelly & Nick's Wedding

Rings & Things

December 31st, 2008 by nick

We went today and looked at Kelly’s wedding band, which was recently finished. I thought that the occasion might merit a post about the rings, for those who haven’t gotten to see them yet, or for those more curious. I have tried several times to capture good pictures of the engagement ring, both on her finger and off, but none of them remotely do it justice. I won’t get into size/color/clarity for a variety of reasons, but I can give you a decent idea of what things look like.

Before I do though, I want to recognize (and thank…again) Janie of J. Minella Jewelers and my friend Best Man, Josh for putting me in touch with her. She and her staff went out of their way to help make this both special for Kelly and painless for me. Janie went above and beyond, searching for sapphires and ending up having to get them custom cut, because of the uniqueness of the setting and the utter lack of pre-cut sapphires available to fit it. She also did an excellent job at giving me a crash course in gemology during my first and second visits to the store, helping me make an informed decision and showing me dozens of raw stones to give me an idea of the differences and whys of diamonds, before helping me settle on the stone now sitting on Kelly’s finger. You don’t get that kind of experience, dedication, and caring from most jewelers, I highly recommend her! With all that said, on to the ring!

The star of the show is a Marquise-cut diamond, which is what Kelly had always told me she wanted and was the only kind we ever bothered looking at on the rare occasion we ventured into a jewelry store with stars in our eyes. There is kind of a running theme of sapphires in almost all jewelry that I’ve bought for her over our 4.5 years, and this ring is no exception. The diamond is flanked by a pair of baguette sapphires which really make the main stone stand out and give the ring something of a unique look. The band itself is a simple White Gold setting, narrow, and has a matching wedding band with similar baguette stones (diamonds this time) on each side, with a notch for the engagement ring’s stone in the middle. When together, they will look something like this (save for the stones around the diamond being blue):

crappy example of what kelly's ring looks like Please forgive the terrible picture.

I would like to say that we picked up her band today, but there is still a bit of work left to be done. Now that we know that the ring fits and all is well, Kelly will be forced to part with the engagement ring briefly so that they can do a little more tooling to get both rings to line up perfectly (they had to modify the mounting slightly to accommodate the diamond, so now they have to similarly accommodate the wedding band.) Since its something Kelly can’t bear to be without for very long, Janie is going to hold on to the wedding band for us until the summer when Kelly will be home and can be apart from it for as short of a time as possible.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011 3:30pm

  • Ceremony
    • St Paul Lutheran Church, Olean, Indiana (map)
  • Reception
    • Dearborn Country Club, Aurora Indiana (map)
  • See Travel for more information.